Regarded's guide to safe dating

REGARDED allows you to arrange a date or just a coffee with somebody you have seen and basically like the look of. it is a tool to break down the barriers of confrontation and the worry of rejection. but after all the clicking, logging on and messaging. it is basically dating or socialising.

Like any meeting with a person who is not a close friend, you must always look after your personal safety. Here at REGARDED we value your personal safety and have devised some simple rules to follow in order to enjoy safe encounters.

Remember, REGARDED members are part of a community of people in your community that are genuinely interested in meeting new people.

We monitor and check the site daily. However, if you come across someone on REGARDED that you suspect may be using the service to scam others or simply to harass others to cause mindless trouble, please contact us and help us keep the experience a good one for all of our trusted users.

Regarded takes safety seriously and are committed to customer service and monitoring the site for scams and unusual member behaviour.

REGARDED has a customer support team who manually check posts for authenticity and are trained on monitoring and spotting scam behaviour and profile information. In addition, the Regarded site has a number of automatic checks within the system that validate information on a member including:

  • Technical information that uniquely identifies every user.
  • System checks for trends in suspicious profile text, email content and other site behaviour.
  • Continually evaluating our scam identification process and improving on this.
  • Flagging member profiles to customer service from reports delivered by other members.

Keep your personal info private

Don't rush ! Only swap your personal details when you feel ready to. REGARDED has been set up to offer members a safe mailing system so that you don't have to swap personal email addresses or phone numbers until you are ready.

If you do decide to share any contact details, we suggest you use Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail or another free email service provider. We suggest you don't share your work email address or your surname, as it makes it easy for someone to find out more about you via Facebook or possibly through your place of work.

Meet when YOU are ready

Remember, you're never obligated to meet anyone so don't feel pressured, regardless of how much communication you've had online.

Ask questions via email and take all the time you need to become comfortable with someone before giving them your contact info.

Talk on the phone

There's no need to jump straight from online to a face-to-face meeting. It's a good idea to also have a chat on the phone before you meet. We suggest you stick to calling mobiles rather than swapping home or work numbers first.

Choose a safe place

Choose somewhere casual and relaxed and in a public place, preferably somewhere that's easy to get to and where you feel comfortable and know

It's a good idea to drive on your first date and have your own transport. Don't agree to be picked up (even if it sounds like good manners to accept or offer).

Tell a friend where you'll be

On your first date, let a friend know where you are going and give them your date's number and name. you may have seen your date in the local supermarket or bookshop, but just be safe and take all precautions.

You may want to ask someone to call you at a pre-determined time. You can use the call as an excuse to end the date if it's not going well.

Don't accept lifts

Don't go home with your date or invite them back to your place or accept a lift. Don't get worried about thinking that this is old fashioned - it's just good common sense.